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For Scouts – Current and Future

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 312. We are glad you are here! Troop 312 is a great place to be a Scout.

We are a very active Troop with many exciting activities. Some of the things that we have done over recent years include white water rafting, Gettysburg, biking, as well as tent and cabin camping. Backpacking has been a traditional activity for Troop 312, with overnights in the spring and fall and culminating with a multi-day 50 mile hike in the summer. Each summer our troop goes to summer camp for a week giving all scouts advancement and merit badge opportunities. We go to a different camp each year so that it does not get old after a couple of years.

Check out our Calendar for this year on the calendar link.

Troop 312 meets Tuesday nights from 7:30 to 9:00 at Sandshore School in the cafeteria (enter from the side by the playground).

If you are not a scout, but are interested in seeing what our program is all about, stop in and visit one of our troop meetings.

Each boy should purchase a Boy Scout Handbook which should be brought to each meeting.

We have two classes of uniforms: Class A is the official scout shirt along with either official pants or to keep the cost low, the boys can wear some khakis that are similar (no jeans please). Class B is our troop T-shirt, which will be supplied to the boys by the troop. We have one piece troop numbers that are $3.00 which is about the cost of the individual numbers, and easier to attach to the uniform. Class As are worn to the first meeting of the month and special occasions such as Courts of Honor and Eagle ceremonies. Class B’s are worn at all other times.

To keep everyone informed, we have announcements that are emailed to everyone.

Once again, we welcome you to our Scouting family and hope that you have a great time.